Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 1769: A story I never knew.

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Recently, cousin Katha's oldest daughter & Super Mom, Alana ...
posted these pics for "fried green tomatoes".

Indiana tomatoes are special in my mind. 
When there, a plate of sliced tomatoes on the table at a meal ...
is a real treat and I drool a bit just thinking of it.
I looked up a recipe here.

I saw the 1991 movie years ago, here.


But what really surprised me was my cousin Katha's reply 
to my simple Facebook comment, "Yummy!"

She said: 
"My girls were about 2 and 4. I was working at the Extension 
office (at Courthouse) to get ready for 4-H Fair. 
Carmen & Alana
 Your Mother lived in Lebanon in an apartment. 
She came out to watch the girls while I worked. 
Chuck worked at Lebanon A & P, took me to work & picked me up for lunch at home & took me to work for the afternoon. 
He also picked up your Mother before we went to work 
and she spent the day with the girls. 
      I usually suggested what was available for lunch for all of us and she would fix it so we could eat quickly 
and go back to work. Had an hour to travel and eat.
      It was hot July and we had a big garden with lots of vegetables. She decided to fix the "fried green tomatoes" for lunch that day. 
I was a little leery as I had never heard of them. 
My Mother never served them.
Don't remember what else we ate, but the "green tomatoes" 
were on the menu that day! And they were delicious! 
(Had some in Ky a couple of weeks ago!) Yum!
        Always remember your Mom when I hear ...
Fried GreenTomatoes!"

I later replied, "Wow, I didn't know that!"
I knew my Mom was a good cook, like her sisters & brothers.
I always admired how my Grandma & Grandpa raised 10 kids!
5 girls & 5 boys (later just 2 boys, as 3 died too young).
On a farm, everyone had to help & had chores.
Their difference was both genders learned both sets of chores.
They were all empowered with the necessary skills.

I remember my Mom saying a good cook can 
make a good meal out of whatever is available. 
So while cousin Katha's story was new to me,
it rang so true.

A smile for Thursday ...

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