Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 1768: A blessed weekend.

Rashida 2, collage & digital

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Saturday & Sunday I was on Grand-dog & house-sitting duty.

Not a bad job if you can get it!

WW, SM & the 3 Grand-hunks were off river rafting.

This pleases me, as it is the same overnight adventure WonderWoman, her Dad, my Dad (at age 80) 
and I enjoyed when she was a teen 1989.

So though not there, I remember & smile.

Off the grid for a while, togetherness at it's best.


Memories forever.

Meanwhile, "holding down the fort", as my Dad would have said ...
Laker and I were enjoying this rarely quiet house.

There were naps, I've had 3, Laker has had more.
I have finished my book, read the past 3 day newspapers,

& watched stuff on a tv that is easily more than double 
all three of my archaic tvs combined, at home. 

Can't help but think of the many men & women 
who have served our country over the years 
giving us the freedom we too often take for granted. 
Like you, I have relatives who have served ...

Uncle Bert, Marines, Uncle Kenneth, Air Force, Uncle Max, Army, Dad, Navy

but today my mind is on young Jordan, cousin Nancy's grandson.
Her daughter Denise & Son-in-law Keith's son, serving now.

So young, away from home, parents, fiance & his siblings.

Serving across the globe. For us. 
Thank you Jordan!

A smile for Monday ...

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