Monday, May 22, 2017

Day 1761: Norma did it again!

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Artist & friend Norma did it again.
I sometimes rack my brain for some little blog blurb,
and nothing surfaces. And, nothing on the mental horizon!
But thank goodness for Norma.
Norma reads my silly blog almost daily 
& luckily for me, she often has a comment.
Norma liked yesterday's smile ...

Norma said: "Love the smile!  My brother used to call my homemade biscuits hockey pucks, guess they were a little hard!"

This made me laugh & then I remembered & replied: 
"Thanks Norma! I once burned pancakes on one side, 
so put the burnt side down & served them
to 4 year old Erin (the future WW).
 She turned them over & said, black pancakes Mom? Really?"
Then Norma replied: "Really funny!  
Another bad cooking story.  
We use to have a very sensitive smoke detector 
and sometimes it would go off if I was cooking.  
One day Stacy had a friend over & they were playing 
in her room & the smoke detector went off.  
She told her worried friend, 
Oh, it's only my mom cooking! 
Took a long time to live that one down."
Thanks Norma!

I apologize, I posted this commercial with the wrong times!
I must learn to proofread before posting!
Thank goodness Judy Todd caught my mistake. 
Here's the correction:

Catalyst is an art space dedicated to promoting art appreciation 
and education as well as building a community for enthusiasts 
of all ages to create, discuss, learn and showcase their work.

Mix Media Marathon
Thursdays, June 8 - 29, 2017 -- 10:00AM to 1:00PM
During this collage and mix media workshop with Jacki Long you will play with a variety of materials and techniques. 
Each week is a new adventure. Collage & paint in a mini journal, play with paint, markers, and more on canvas, make postcards, and create a magic book with heavyweight watercolor paper.
REGISTRATION: $45 per session, or $160 for the series. 
All materials provided, and fun!
Limited seats are available for these classes, so sign up today!

A smile for Monday ...

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