Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 1760: Half of Orange County had the same idea.

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I wanted to fix a tiny birthday gift for an artist/friend.
When I was in PS last week with WW,  I found 
these small tattered zippered bags at my favorite store, 
On sale!

 I bought one, then turned around and 
promptly hunted up all seven & bought them all.
Knowing I would fill them with collage papers.

So with a glue stick & a tiny banana leaf journal ...

magic waiting to happen!
What do you think?

And, about 3:30 Saturday afternoon I decided ...
that I really needed to go to Trader Joe's.
I thought by 4PM the rush crowds would be on their way home!
It was medium busy, my translation for getting a parking space.
I also had to go to Costco, I know, never on weekends, but ...
this was important & I thought they closed at 5PM.
So, if I got there at 4:45 it was doable? Wrong.
Half of Orange County had the same idea.
And they, like me, were wrong! Costco closes at 6PM .
But, I survived & lived to blog about it. So there!

A smile for Sunday ...

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