Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 1757: A paradigm shift!

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It was. An actual paradigm shift.
I was dressed for my normal Wednesday routine of day class.
Even planned to squeeze in a trip to Costco beforehand.
Then the phone rang.
WonderWoman was free & wanted to play.

Paradigm shift.
You could call it being flexible, or open to change, 
but I always wanted to use the term ... paradigm shift. And ...
the idea of spending the afternoon with WW trumps everything.
You see, I had been wanting to take her to lunch 
at a lovely local restaurant ...

Then we went to Fashion Island and our favorite store ...

We shop funny. We split, survey, regroup & look some more.

WW in shopping mode

I tried on a cute dress that should have looked great, but didn't. 
A conspiracy?
Then I started shooting stuff to show you ...

Normal people are looking at dresses, right?

But you wanted to see this stuff, right?

I am your close-up ambassador ...

willing to look pretty silly taking these random shots.

It keeps me off the streets & lets WW shop in peace.

And, some parts of this will show up in my work.

So I saved you a trip to Fashion Island & you're welcome.
But about missing your meal at Tanakaya, I am sorry.

FB Throwback Thursday ...

Demura Sensei's Costa Mesa Dojo 2003 Jr. Marathon Coaches

(L-R) Meg Schneider, James Lee, Roy Center, Cathy Lenzi, Steve Van Wormer, 
John Schneider, Luis Perez, Shayla Van Wormer, John Nunn, Debbie Benlien, 
Carolyn Shettler, Richard Wetts, Michael Keating, Tess Bernstein.

A smile for Thursday ...

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