Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 1754: A Mothers Day hangover?

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A Mother's Day hangover?
I thought that was my nearest description?
No alcohol involved, but an altered state? Maybe.
Back home (I live alone) I find myself staring, then smiling.
Neat memories surface, then smiles.
Silly memories = smiles & a chuckle.
Mothers Day dinner was Sunday at SM & WW's house.
4 Moms, 4 Dad's, 1 Uncle & 5 kids.
My MD gift came early Thursday, Friday & Saturday

I guess I'm giddy with gratitude?
So blessed, so lucky, so happy.

Muse Mail artists send a postcard to another artist each month.
Suzanne Jarvis sent me this great postcard.

Another blessing.
Thank you Suzanne!

A smile for Monday ...

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