Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 1751: Why Superman is a keeper.

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Why Superman is a keeper.

His FB post 5/8/16

"The mother is the most important member of the family. 
Mom provides the heart and soul of every good family. 
Her role is exhausting, difficult most of the time, rewarding 
most of the time and vital to the rest of us ALL of the time. 
My life has been filled with many blessings. 
I have amazing parents 
Hoda (happy mothers day mom I adore you) 
and Mike  (my mentor I love you pop) 
2 amazing brothers Tarek  (one of the greatest people i know) 
and Jimmy (one of the greatest people i know) 
an amazing mother in law Jacki 
(You are a true blessing to this world) 
3 ridiculously amazing and inspiring kids Jordan, Jake and Zack  (you 3 have changed me forever. You are my heart and soul) 
but the greatest blessing i have ever received came on 
March 10th 1992 
when i met and literally instantly fell in love with Erin . 
The minute i met you i knew i wanted to 
spend the rest of my life with you. You're sexy as hell, 
Beautiful to the point you take my breath away and your personality is on another level (the only "10" i have ever met in my life). These things where very obvious. The bonus i received however is what an AMAZING mother you are. 
If i could have designed my idea of the perfect mother to our 3 boys it would be you. I wake up everyday and look at that sexy beautiful face and I thank God for my greatest blessing. 
I truly feel like i won the lottery of life because 
you are my partner thru it all. God bless you, 
I love you, you are my EVERYTHING. 


Grandhunk#2 & WW

A smile for Friday ...

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