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Day 1748: Ten from Keith.

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 10 Keith Haring Quotes 

Celebrating the recent birthday of artist/social activist, 
Keith Haring, with a collection of his inspiring quotes 
that still ring true, even twenty-seven years after his death. 
Haring’s work took the streets of New York City by storm 
in the 1980’s, as he raised awareness of the AIDS crisis 
 tackling complex issues of sexuality, birth, and death, 
through his iconic graffiti.

Image: Juan Rivera/Roulette Fine Art/Getty Images

1. “Art should be something that liberates your soul, 
provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.”

2. “I was always totally amazed that the people I would meet 
while I was doing them were really, really concerned with 
what they meant. The first thing anyone asked me, 
no matter how old, no matter who they were, was, 
‘What does it mean?’”

3. “Nothing is important…so everything is important.”

Image: Wikipedia

4. “Children know something that most people have forgotten.”

5. “You see that’s why I work like a dog and I worked like a dog 
all my life. I am not interested in the academic status 
of what I am doing, because my problem 
is my own transformation.”

Image: Youtube

6. “See, when I paint, it is an experience that, at its best, is transcending reality.”

7. “I am a necessary part of an important search ...
to which there is no end.”

Image: Juan Rivera/Roulette Fine Art/Getty Images

8. “I am intrigued with the shapes people choose 
as their symbols to create a language. 
There is within all forms a basic structure, an indication of the entire object with a minimum of lines that becomes a symbol. 
This is common to all languages, all people, all times.”

9. “Drawing is still basically the same as it has been 
since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. 
It lives through magic.”

Image: Youtube

10. “Art is nothing if you don’t reach every segment of the people.”

Image: Bernard Gotfryd/Getty Images

I love to feature artists here on this random little blog.
We are all influenced by what we see.
I feel that it goes into a mental file and seeps out
later in bits & pieces, often not remembered by us.
I'd love to know what you think?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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