Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 1746: Derby day and a one-eyed horse?

girl lost, graphite, acrylic on canvas

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I had planned a totally different day. And blog.
But as I was folding laundry, I turned on the tv for company.
That's when it happened, NBC had pre-Derby interviews and ...

I was pulled back into my racehorse memories.
Age 11 -15,  I lived in Australia.
My step-Dad was a prominent racehorse trainer.
He would take me to races,
saying his horses ran better when I was there.
So now, years later, it all comes back. 
I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous animals, the jockey in silks,
the rituals, formalities & ladies in fancy hats.
And then there was Patch ...

a one-eyed thoroughbred & a crowd favorite.
He finished 14th out of 20, but he finished.

A muddy track, I remember some horses love mud, others don't.

And if you're lucky to be in front, you stay clean.

"Always Dreaming" wins the 143rd Kentucky Derby.


Always Dreaming, ridden by John Velazquez


Called the most exciting 2 minutes in sports ...

agreed & it definitely beats folding laundry.


A smile for Sunday ...

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