Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 1741: A step-by-step Emi!

Emi, ink & collage postcard

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Click here for Jake Shimabukuro, Hallelujah
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I send a handmade postcard to everyone who takes my class.
So I am now in postcard mode, I need 12.
Wanna see a step-by-step?

step 1

I started with the ad postcard above, to recycle ...

step 2

I covered it with a dictionary page, then drew "Emi".

step 3

I almost left it as a drawing, but continued with collage.

step 4

Nearly done, I almost stopped here, but added a bit more.

step 5

She was fun!

89 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

We are not in our new dojo yet, but 
thanks to Bob Cherone of Primo Construction 
& his hard working volunteers, it is looking good. 

There is is a Go Fund here to help raise money for 
necessary construction & new tatami mats.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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