Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 1767: Made in California

face, colllage & digital

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The beautiful Brea Gallery always features great art.
Their Made in California is one of my favorites.

As always, I curate & photographed just my favorites...
 hoping you might get to go see the entire show.

Spirit of the West, Dennis Johnson, Palm Springs, CA

Froot Loops, Hannah Reinhard, Irvine,CA

Suite 450, Naoto Ishikawa, Huntington Beach, CA

Lethe, Taylor Smalls, San Francisco, CA

A Walk in the Park, Colleen Premer, Newport Beach, CA

Flow, Debbie Carlson, Fullerton, CA

Venice in February, Carol Wanderer Towler, Fullerton,CA

Live to Inspire No.1, Chris Param, Fullerton,CA

(top) Mardi De Veuve Alexis, Indio, CA •  (bottom) 092046, Stuart Fingerhut, LA,CA

Tokyo, Naoto Ishikawa, Huntington Beach, CA

(L) We the People, Rollence Patugan, Pasadena, CA • (R) Anxiety, Susie Pak, Pasadena, CA

Rust: Wigwam Motel with Studebaker, Won-ill Chung, Long Beach, CA

Expo Line, Erin Adams, LA, CA

 (L) Ombre, Susan Kurland, Van Nuys,CA • (R) Regina's Shirt, Claire Samani, Long Beach, CA

Clearing, Cynthia Grilli, Costa Mesa, CA

(L) Airdrome, Kathleen Weil, LA, CA • (R) Elephant Gun, Michael Flechtner, Van Nuys, CA

Lots of variety from our local artists.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 1766: Gotta red Nose?

Miss Jane Kindness Anderson, 1890, collages, old photo & digital

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Something Amazing! Did you watch ... 


Julia Roberts joined Bear Grylls for a special Red Nose Day episode of Running Wild where the duo making their way through the rugged wilderness of Kenya, taking vaccine to the children.

Youtube video:

I did donate, but wanted to get into the red nose thing!
I wish I had thought to do it earlier ...
but a day late is better than not at all?
Friday morning I went and bought red noses at Walgreen's.
The $1. noses are on sale till June 3rd!

So, a day late & all day ... I asked people 
to put on a red nose & let me take their picture.
It's funny but people seemed to think there was a catch?
I assured them the nose was free & theirs to keep.
These are my red nose friends.

I originally thought I would buy a few & share, but eeeuuww!
So I bought a bunch & gave as a gift or a bribe.

And just in case they or you want to donate, go here

I bought a bagful of 30 & have 8 left to bother future victims.
A worthwhile & fun day!

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 1765: Much more than that.

Josephine, 1902, collage, old photo & digital

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A student in my college class recently asked me 
which artist influenced me? In a nano-second, I said Corita!


Surprising to me, none of the students knew or had heard of 
Corita Kent, the former Sister Corita.

While doing advanced work at UCI, I found the same to be true.
So I featured Corita in the website design class I was taking.


In Indiana in the 60's, I was working on my bachelors & masters,
Corita was working her magic at Immaculate Heart, in LA.

Corita had a huge impact on advertising, design & the soul. 
My masters was in design. She was and is my hero. 
Over the years I have added just a few art heroes, but she is #1.
I'm hoping this little blog will help you want to know more?

I have posted earlier Corita blogs here, & here.

Short story:
In 1966, we moved from Indiana to California to teach.
In 1978 I read that Corita would be at a South Coast Plaza gallery.

She would be selling & signing her poster!
We went, bought & stood in line for signing.

When it was our turn, she smiled & I, in awe, froze.
My then husband, came to my rescue, introduced himself 
and said "this is my wife, Jacki, she is your biggest fan."
Corita smiled big & said, 
"I'm sure she is much more than that."

That was my Corita moment.

A smile for Friday ...