Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 1734: Where Women Create?

Monday Evening, Tustin, photo

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Today was another one of those days.
I said to WW, I don't have an idea for the blog?
So I took a nap. 
More & more, my solution to the world's problems.
When I woke, a new problem, groggy & tired.
I sat here at my desk waiting for divine help.

I looked over at ... Where Women Create
It's a magazine.

It was gifted to me by Long Beach artist/ friend Amelia Davies.
She took the time to package & leave it for me at ASW.
She knew I would like it & I did. I do.
A beautifully photographed assemblage of 
perfect spaces, neat studios & wonderful art.
Even the artists have glamour shots.
 You'd like it too. I do.  

So today, I sat in my swivel chair & took 360' photos 
of my messy un-staged work-space, warts & all!

This is the small room that WW says makes her itch!

To me it's mostly comfortable ...


a space too small with too much stuff? Agreed.

Attempted organization ...


an ancient tv,  the thickness of a refrigerator.

Stacks, baskets, supplies & papers galore.


All necessary, eventually.

And so, my version of that cool magazine ...


Amelia enclosed a sweet note, 
asking me to enjoy & pass on the magazine.
So I will, in this Thursday's last journal series class.
Passing it forward. Thanks Amelia!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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