Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 1726: How was your Easter?

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Did the Easter Bunny leave you a surprise?
Seen n a yard in Cowan Heights, CA.

For me, I joined my family & went to 10 AM church service.

There were 13 of us, almost filling the entire pew.
Feeling blessed and very thankful.
A full house with many standing the entire service.
Followed by brunch @ SM & WW's new home.
Instructions were "photos" before anyone changed.

GH#2, GH#3, WW, SM, Laker & GH#1
GH#2, Grandmother Hoda, GH#1, Grandfather Mike, GH#3

Maddy,  Lauren,  Hoda & WW   

GH#3, Grandma, GH#1 & GH#2

... and by the way, I am wearing heels!

There was wonderful food & conversation on the patio ...

and you can tell, Laker was relaxed.

Hoping your day was extra special too.

A smile for Monday ...

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