Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 1721: One of my bad habits ...

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Today was a re-check with Dr. Cervantes 
at Kaiser 9:30 - 11:45AM

main entrance

One of my bad habits is ...
I take pictures, usually close ups while I wait.

self portrait, aka medical selfie

I ♥ this

This included a BP check - 134/69, 
an oxygen check - 94%,
an x-ray check - inconclusive, and ...
listening to my lungs & hearing something on the right side?

treatment room stuff

Another new chest x-ray, 2 views,
another oxygen check - 89%

more treatment room stuff

a walk while Irma monitored my oxygen level - 93%,
a nebulizer treatment to increase my oxygen level.

textures in this facility

 another walk while Michelle monitored my oxygen level - 93%

signs & directions

lab work, electrolyte & liver function panel, creatine, CBC & BUN

artwork of historic Tustin on metal
an appointment for respiratory therapy 4/25/2017

a beautiful facility

a referral for  CT scan, thorax, asap
a re-check with Dr. Cervantes 4/24/2017

a beautiful day

Thank you for your patience,
and if you skipped to the smile,
I totally understand.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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