Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day 1720: Strange ingredients ...

Anaheim 1887, collages, old photo & digital

Want music?


Click here for Judith Hill, Always on my Mind
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

While on forced slow-down, 
I am finding comfort in some old photos.

Anaheim 1887

I started with this old photo of Anaheim!
Hard to believe but true in 1887.

47, junk mail collage

I layered it over my journal junk mail collage, titled 47.
Photoshop is a lot like cooking, you add ingredients ...
sometimes strange ones to get the desired result.

altered background text

And it needed background help, so I used this altered text.
I had several final contenders but ended with the one at top ... 
and a variation below. Do you have a preference?

Anaheim 1887 #2, collages, old photo & digital

It was just playtime, using layers and
trying various filters & opacities. Until I liked it.
I hope you'll let me know if you like one?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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