Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 1718: Finally, a light-bulb moment!

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On Friday morning I had to cancel my hair appointment, 
a cleaning appointment, & several planned errands.
When the room is spinning & my head was
trying to cave in, nauseous & weak, so lying still in
a pre-natal curl seemed the best alternative.
I had this once before last May. At that time, Kaiser had 
WW take me to the ER on that Sunday morning. 
They did mention that my breathing was erratic, but it became normal enough & I felt better, even hungry. They let me go.
That was about a 4 hour episode, so I thought I could ride this out?
Hour 3, I heard a sort of rattle as I exhaled, 
then if felt like I might just stop breathing, maybe. 
I called the Kaiser nurse hoping she could fix me over the phone.
She pulled some strings & got me in at Tustin @ 3:30.

WW flew in & took me. I sure hope you all have a WW?
I hadn't eaten, but (TMI) my body was trying to bring up fluids.

I had to have WW's help to walk to her car.
Once at Kaiser, she got a wheelchair, which I would 
normally have refused, but was very grateful to have.
Side note: WW with her wicked humor said she was going 
to get one for our next trip to NYC, 
so we could make better time in our sightseeing!
The doctor got on the breathing problem right away, 
bringing in a gadget to breathe into to help my lungs.
Pneumonia was the diagnosis.

Finally, a light-bulb moment for me. 
I had never related my breathing to my problem. Wow.
Two different antibiotics, two different inhalers, a chest x-ray.
and pro-biotics because I hate antibiotics!
WW stopped for chicken soup on the way home.
I was able to walk from the car to my home.
Soup, crackers & a 2 hour nap & I woke feeling fine.
Okay, moving slower, but what a relief to be able to focus & move.
I will give my lungs their proper attention from now on.
Thank you WW, Kaiser Dr, soup & oxygen!

(public service)

I did do Saturday's blog #1717 late Friday night. 
I was feeling much better & I already had art that I could use.
WW said that she can tell when I do a "pre-done" blog!
Can you?




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A smile for Sunday ...

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