Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 1710: Ultimately, it's about heart.

Eli, collage, old photo & digital

and because I kept playing ...

Eli #3, collage, old photo & digital

do you like one better? 
just curious*

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I'm making a quick stop @ home during Grandma TLC duty.
Granddog Laker & I went to brunch, only the heavier of us ate.
I am now at my little home to hunt up 
a couple of special photos for today's #1710 blog.
You see today is Uncle Owen's birthday and ...
he was really special.

Pauline & Owen

A school teacher, smart, successful farmer & businessman.
He could be gruff, probably his school teacher facade ...
but there was always a twinkle in his eye.
He had a wonderful sense of humor & told the best stories.

Owen & Pauline

He fell in love with and married Pauline,
my Mom's older sister, the third of the five girls.
He loved Aunt Pauline & she loved him, a real love story.

Donna, Martha Mae & Nancy

They had three girls, cousins Donna, Nancy & Martha Mae.
As a youngster I was secretly envious of their family, the love, 
the growing up in the same place with the same friends & schools.
An idea that was foreign to me at the time.
But later I grew up, married, had my own little girl (WW) 
who also fell in love with her Uncle Owen.
And he being the very special person he was, welcomed 
her into his heart, and told her to call him Poppy, 
as did his own six grandchildren.

I often think about that, how lucky we are to have people 
who make room for people who need extra.

Happy Birthday Uncle Owen!

A smile for Saturday ...

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