Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day1706: Sunday's stuff ...

tired me, acrylic on journal page

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Sunday was the second day of that special workshop at ...

Studio Crescendoh

taught by 2 special instructors ...

Pam Carriker & Mary Beth Shaw

Titled the "Art Journal Road Show," this two-day class
featured tricks for the art journal by offering processes in 
backgrounds, making collage, color management, 
composition and interactive pages. 

 We love art stuff.

Mary Beth Shaw demo

With great demonstrations, we learned a variety of techniques ...

Pam Carriker demo

including creating a mixed media self-portrait, creating 
painterly stencil effects & layering with a multitude of supplies.  

I made a bunch of starter pages & backgrounds ...
using their yummy paints ...



and a self portrait ... 
not above silly, below ...

me, notice the wonky ankle?

 I apologize that I didn't get more photos ...
I did get my buddy, Val & others, on Instagram here

Good friend, Valerie

 A great Art Journal experience.

floor, Crescendoh Studio
  Oh, look what decorated the front of the Santora Building!
Yep, I know someone who owns this new Maserati!

Imagine how silly I looked taking a picture of a parked car,
as I waited at a crosswalk. Maserati fan.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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