Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 1707: One's that aren't.

4 guys, acrylic, old photo & digital

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I was thinking  ...  I do that off & on.
And, I started thinking about things that aren't here anymore.
I mentioned it to Brandon last night and he thought of more. 

Some of mine, he didn't remember.
A few of his, I'd forgotten.

Some of these are just on the edge of my memory!

So my challenge to you is ...
what did I miss & how many do you remember?

And for extra credit, does anyone remember JM ...
Joseph Magnin?

Everything, inside & out, signage & ads ... so great!

I miss this store still, & it's been gone along time.
Just looked it up, closed in 1984. Silly people. 
Okay, your turn, I'll be waiting! 

A smile for Wednesday ...

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