Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 1701: How to tell when you're hard up for a blog topic?

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So this is how you tell when you're hard up for a daily blog topic ...
on day 1701, after 1700 continuous posts ...
I spent way too much of my day at urgent care.

I looked up urgent ...  ur·gent/ˈərjənt/ (adjective)
(of a state or situation) requiring immediate action or attention.
That doesn't seem to fit my day?

(Probably TMI, feel free to skip) Backstory: 
I had a little fall Sunday afternoon, just my clumsiness.
I am equipped with ample padding, so falls are not a problem.
At 3 AM my left ankle, the only body part 
without padding, wreaked with pain.
I woke to see it swollen & noticed the tiny wood burn from the fall.
I hobbled for ice, wondering if I should go to ER, could I drive etc.
I iced it, took 2 excedrin & went to sleep. 
Monday was my lunch with WonderWoman & it felt okay.
We walked a lot and it was a great day.
That night it was swollen but no pain. 
WW wanted me to have an x-ray, so I called Kaiser 
for an AM appointment. They were full.   
So, I could do walk-in at Urgent Care.

At check-in they estimated  a 2 hour wait.
But then they sent me to x-ray.

then back to Urgent Care WAITING room ...

... a lot of waiting. I brought my book.

when I got taken into the examining room ...

 more waiting. So until she came in & I took pictures ... 

 & I finished my book.

Aww, poor ankle ... but good news.
No broken bones & it doesn't hurt.

And a first.

I am sure I had that same look leaving the lobby. Outta here!

Fresh air!
Does this make your day seem great?

 A side story: While in the waiting room today,  I ran into Scott.
We train together in Demura Sensei's day class. 
We are both normally there training right at this time. 
I decided to text Demura Sensei.

I wrote: "Hi Sensei! Scott and I are at Kaiser Urgent Care. 
He is getting his wrist checked from his fall yesterday. 
I am having my ankle x-rayed from a fall on Sunday. 
That's why we're not there for class today.
Did you miss us?"

Sensei's text reply: "I just notest you are not in class today."

Throwback Thursday

Demura Sensei's Super Summer Seminar, CM Dojo at CM High School, 1991

A smile for Thursday ...

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