Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 1694: Wishing a super birthday to WonderWoman!

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Happy Birthday WonderWoman!

Another year to celebrate. 
A family dinner Sunday. 
WW & I will have lunch next week.

WW & Daughter2, best friends since age 5 & 6
 plan to hike up to the ...

Hollywood sign today, on her birthday.

She & Superman spent a few pre-birthday days in PS.

So, just a token memory of this little WW  ...
as the time goes by so quickly.

3 year old WonderWoman with Mrs. Beasley

I read somewhere that "happiness is 
when your kids turn out to be good people".
I agree with that & that brings additional bonuses.

WonderWoman and Superman are so in love,

 I couldn't have asked for a better husband for my daughter.
And because of their deep love & dedication to family ...
three great sons, my "Grandhunks".

Life is very good.

I love you WonderWoman!

I was recently asked why the nickname WonderWoman?
I think it's her "Daughter, Wife, Mom, Friend" qualities & ...




90 degrees Santa Ana, CA

Throwback Thursday

1982 National Champion, Chicago, IL, age 9

A smile for Thursday ...

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