Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 1688: Just one of Brandy's gifts!

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Like so many days, 
I wondered what I would do for today's blog?
As I drove in from day class I noticed a package at my front door?
I hadn't ordered anything had I?
My mind searched ... nah, Amazon doesn't know my name.
But I did indeed have a package with my name on it.
Doesn't matter how old you get, a package is exciting.
Then I recognized the handwriting ...

it was from artist & good friend Brandy. More special!
You see Brandy was recently blindsided with a serious diagnosis.

So to take time to send a gift to someone ...
doesn't that tell you how really special she is?
I hugged the package before opening. 
Brandy is a cat artist in the very best sense ...
and inside was her art with a note on the back.

And under the careful bubble wrap ...

a beautiful 3-D sculpted face of handmade paper
as cover of an exquisite journal.

Can you tell how great this handmade paper is?
I am afraid it's beyond my photographic skills, but I try.

Inside cover & back is handmade thick black washi paper.

Inside ... pages & pages of beautiful white paper.
Starting a journal is daunting, so many blank pages.
Starting a beautiful, special journal is even more so.
But I plan to start on it, tonight!

This is a postcard 
Brandy sent to me in 2015 ...
it is still here by my desk, I love it!

You can see some of Brandy's cat art here  ...

 89 degrees, clear skies, Santa Ana, CA

A (2 min) video smile for Friday ...

We all have jobs or tasks of some kind.
Wife: "So, what did you do today?"
Husband: "I changed a light bulb"
Wife: "That's all?"
Husband: "Yes and I filmed it, look........."
click here.  
You'll be glad you did.
Suddenly satisfied with your day?

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