Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 1680: That seems appropriate ...

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A favorite story that still makes me laugh ...
When WonderWoman was a teenager & had a car,
she saved up to get a personalized license plate. 

We went to SC Auto Club to see about it.
The man who waited on us was a stern older gentleman.
He looked tired, like he might have had 
teenagers of his own at some time. 
WW had ideas, & he would look them up 
to see if they were available, but each one was taken.
The man was quiet, simmering but patient with us. 
Finally, Erin (aka WW) said how about "Er hed"?
He smiled slightly, and quietly said ...
"that seems appropriate."
I laughed so hard, that he saw it okay to laugh,
& soon WW joined in to the point that other people in 
the huge office turned to see what had caused the uproar.

Erin & Kerry, 1990

Later at Esperanze H.S. they had a raffle for a parking space.
She won, and they sprayed her license plate, ER HED on it.

Good story?

Throwback Thursday

Young WW, age 3 & Snow White @ Disneyland

A smile for Thursday ...

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