Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 1709: Earl wanted his own.

Earl, acrylic, old photo, collage & digital

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I am always fascinated by old photos, 
I called this one Cowboys, then ...
after I played with it ... 4 guys.

I accidentally deleted the original & almost cried!
You know when you're overtired & make dumb mistakes?
I had used it to select Willy ...

for a solo portrait yesterday.
Today Earl wanted a turn.

(Earl before I messed with him too much)

So now, I think you can expect 
Wilbur and Eli to show up soon?

Superhero update:

WW & SM are in CO for a jazz festival ...

... even superheroes need a break.
Maybe more crisp clear photos to come?
Maybe not.
Wishing you a great weekend too.

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 1708: A sleepover.

willy, acrylic, old photo & digital

WonderWoman & Superman flew off to the Jazz Festival ...

and I am at their house.
I used to call it Grandma duty, but ...

all 3 Grandhunks drive, cook & get to school
so a lot of the time it's just 

the Granddog, Laker, and me.

Such a good dog!

 We're good buddies.


I am just so lucky he can't post shots of me!

 Flashback Thursday ...

Ozawa Tournament, Las Vegas, NV 1984

Legends Demura, Kanazawa, Hiyashi, Ozawa, Mikame, Miki, Okamura, Mr. Ivan & more.

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 1707: One's that aren't.

4 guys, acrylic, old photo & digital

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I was thinking  ...  I do that off & on.
And, I started thinking about things that aren't here anymore.
I mentioned it to Brandon last night and he thought of more. 

Some of mine, he didn't remember.
A few of his, I'd forgotten.

Some of these are just on the edge of my memory!

So my challenge to you is ...
what did I miss & how many do you remember?

And for extra credit, does anyone remember JM ...
Joseph Magnin?

Everything, inside & out, signage & ads ... so great!

I miss this store still, & it's been gone along time.
Just looked it up, closed in 1984. Silly people. 
Okay, your turn, I'll be waiting! 

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day1706: Sunday's stuff ...

tired me, acrylic on journal page

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Sunday was the second day of that special workshop at ...

Studio Crescendoh

taught by 2 special instructors ...

Pam Carriker & Mary Beth Shaw

Titled the "Art Journal Road Show," this two-day class
featured tricks for the art journal by offering processes in 
backgrounds, making collage, color management, 
composition and interactive pages. 

 We love art stuff.

Mary Beth Shaw demo

With great demonstrations, we learned a variety of techniques ...

Pam Carriker demo

including creating a mixed media self-portrait, creating 
painterly stencil effects & layering with a multitude of supplies.  

I made a bunch of starter pages & backgrounds ...
using their yummy paints ...



and a self portrait ... 
not above silly, below ...

me, notice the wonky ankle?

 I apologize that I didn't get more photos ...
I did get my buddy, Val & others, on Instagram here

Good friend, Valerie

 A great Art Journal experience.

floor, Crescendoh Studio
  Oh, look what decorated the front of the Santora Building!
Yep, I know someone who owns this new Maserati!

Imagine how silly I looked taking a picture of a parked car,
as I waited at a crosswalk. Maserati fan.

A smile for Tuesday ...