Monday, February 6, 2017

Day1656: A real Rockette and a Chanteuse!


earring lover, ink, watercolor & collage

Saturday was a long day. 
Not the six hour class, 
but the loading & travel time before & after.
But, as I traveled home, I thought about the day.
I really do meet the nicest people.
I usually blog about the class & show the art, here.
To respect privacy I rarely use personal photos.
But there is always more going on in between all that art.
We laugh, talk, share & sometimes are quiet - deep in thought.
But as in life outside, everyone has a story.
I keep thinking about all that yesterday's blog doesn't show.

Bette & Kimberly

We had an adorable Mother -Daughter pair ...
and what a joy to watch them work next to each other, 
laughing, teasing, praising & just enjoying each other.
We took a break for lunch & that's when I found out 
our Kimberly was a real honest-to-goodness 
NYC Radio City Music Hall Rockette!

Our Rockette, Kimberly, third from left ... the cutest!

Now how cool is that?
I've been thinking of all the questions I wished I had thought to ask!
I did ask how tall she is & she said 5"10" & I drooled!
(A lot of us shorties can only dream of being tall.)
I e-mailed  Kimberly asking if pics would be possible ...
and I got a bonus ...

"Dog cowboy" by Kimberly

Kimberly said, "My mom & I had such wonderful time yesterday!! 
So much fun!!!! So much fun in fact that I had to go 
to her house today & play some more! 
I attached a pic in progress of my dog cowboy."

And there's more. During a quiet time in class,
I jokingly asked if anyone wanted to serenade us?
Anita, without missing a beat ...
belted out a Welsh drinking song, accent & all.
We were so thrilled, she gifted us with two more!
See what you're missing? You should've been there!

A smile for Monday ...

Artist & good friend Marilyn Gallas sent me this ...
a 2 minute video that will make you smile ...
and if you're too busy, maybe come back to it later? 

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