Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 1678: The day after ...

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The day after the big tournament, 
when everyone is weary ... we go to day class!

A very long time ago, Demura Sensei once told our class
when talking about tournaments & competition ...
"the real champions are in class the next day."
That stayed with us, and so we show up. 
Many had to leave for destinations all over the globe,
some were still here to get in training before heading home.

Canada & Demura Sensei    

England & Demura Sensei

Venezuela & Demura Sensei      

Germany & Demura Sensei

Florida & Demura Sensei

Kansas & Demura Sensei

Ohio & Demura Sensei

Indiana & Demura Sensei

North Carolina & Demura Sensei

New York & Demura Sensei

CA Hombu Dojo & Demura Sensei

A great class, thank you Demura Sensei!

59 degrees, rainy, Santa Ana, CA

2:30 PM 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA

One of Sunday's special guests at Demura Sensei's tournament  
was Lyoto Machida, famous Brazilian Shoto-kan competitor.

Lyoto Machida, Chris Ford, Chinzo Machida, photo by Mei Ping Okumura

Lyoto Machida, photo by Thanh Nguyen
Bob Cherone & Lyoto Machida

                   I am a big fan.

I think the tournament directors might have known, and 
assigned me to ring 6 at the far end of the event center. 
Knowing I wouldn't be able to bother Mr. Machida.


A smile for Tuesday ...

THAT feeling ...

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