Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 1675: Random shots and a brag?

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Friday was a very busy pre - tournament day ... 

Mochitzuki (rice pounding) 7 - noon

Kobudo (weapons) testing   8 - 9:30 AM
Batto (cutting)testing  10 -11:30 AM
Dan ( black belt levels) testing 12 - 3PM

I only got pictures of a few of the people  ...

Testing for Shodan, (left-right) Germany, China*, Canada

Higher dan testing, Canada

Some of our dan test judges, (l-r) Kansas, Canada, Minnesota & Canada

behind the scenes

Some don't like their photo being taken, but I do it anyway.

But some after a hard test, don't mind at all. 

This was followed by referee training 4 - 6 PM
and Tournament charting 7:30 - done.

 Information & directions here,

And, I didn't get to go, but got photos of ...

Varsity Basketball Team Awards Dinner ...

these guys have spent so much time together, they are a family.

I've been lucky to go to most home games & love this team!

Grandhunk #2  was a team co-captain ...
 and was presented the Coaches Award.

cool guys /    GH# 2 & 3 with Nate Klitzing

A grandma ...


has to brag a little, right?

A smile for Saturday ...

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