Friday, February 24, 2017

Day 1674: What would you grab if your house was on fire?

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This may seem strange, but one thing I would grab ...
when leaving "my house on fire" is ...

this sweet little bag that holds something so dear to me ...

my first black belt, earned in November 1979, 
seven years after starting,
proof that truly anyone can get there in time.

It was worn near daily for years & years,
and was retired to this special bag ...
when it was too frail to go on.

 Demura Sensei said, if I "were stronger  
it would have broken a long time ago."
Our Sensei is so wise & patient.

I have been asked why 
I roll my belt 
in between wearing? 

It's just a personal choice, intended 
to represent my training to continue
on & on, rather than linear, back & forth.
It seems to have worked for me,
45 years and counting.

This Saturday & Sunday Demura Sensei's 
46th Annual International Goodwill Tournament
Further information/directions here.

A smile for Friday ...

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