Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 1672: Family in the house!

2 face, ink. watercolor & collage on journal pages

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Family in the house!

You might think Thanksgiving or the holidays, but
for us family from all over the globe comes in February!

Demura Sensei &Day class (Amador had left to return to work)

This was day class, five days before the tournament,
Family, with more family on the way.

Demura Sensei & Mario, Chiel Instructoe, Chile Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Canada Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Sam, Minnesota Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Costa Mesa, CA Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Hombu dojo, Santa Ana, CA Genbu-kat Karate-do

And I asked if anyone wanted a close up?


And I found a cutie!

By the time you see this, our family has no doubt tripled?
And, with more family on the way.

73 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Wednesday ...

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