Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 1665: Valentine's Day is all relative!

my heart, acrylics

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How was your Valentine's Day?
I hope it was all & even more than you planned.
Mine was.
I live alone, so usually no plans.
I take joy vicariously in the plans of others.
Superman & WonderWoman were at the Laker game.
Grandhunk #2 had Brenna over to cook a meal for her.
I thought Grandhunk #1might be delivering pizza's 
( his after school/college job).
Grandhunk #3 is on restriction, so I thought he might be available?
I texted both GH #1&3 just in case they were free for sushi?
Is the Pope Catholic?

Two yes pleases!
I had a gift certificate from Emi & Eric for Tabiji, 

GH#3 made reservations for 3 @ 6:45 ...
and I had a ♥♥ date.

GH#3 took our selfie @ Tabiji

Best Valentine's Day ever, all relative!

74 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Wednesday ...

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