Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 1664: Monday in LB with Val!

true, graphite, acrylic & crayon

Want music? Today it's Hall & Oates, One on one.
Click here, then come on back to here & listen as you browse?

.. .. ..

We met at our secret starting spot ...
I jumped out of my car into Val's & we were off.
Val drives, I buy lunch ...  perfect.
Onto the 22, to the 91, to the 605 to LB.

Our destination ...

We visited here last year & I did a blog: here.

A tiny shop packed full of items & materials
all "too good to throw away", to encourage & promote
fun ways to make creative reuse projects. See more here.


Bins & bins & boxes organized & filled with the ordinary ...

ready for fun re-purposing & a new life.

Located in the famous East Village Artist District,
this small shop is community oriented, featuring
 a huge bulletin board for cards, services & contacts.
 And, offering a sales platform for recycling artists.

A non-profit with a big heart, this Mother daughter team ...

has walls of awards, citations & proclamations for 
their outstanding & important work.

You would like it too.
Win - win - win!

And we also have a tradition of eating at ...

same block, right on the corner.

It's important to keep up traditions!

And one more thing...
On the way home, I saw this!

Do you see it?

I loved it so much that patient & kind Val 
drove around the block ... so I could take 2 more.

This made my day!
It just might have to be a new tradition on our LB trips.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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