Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 1662: Hey! What's happening in your "neck of the woods?"

Santa Ana wall, photo, acrylic & digital

Today's music is Al Green, my all-time favorite ... 
click here, if you want to hear, then click back here ...
to listen while you read my nonsense, or not. Up to you.

What's happening in your "neck of the woods?"
I need to know!
I am always blabbing and you don't blab back?

Friday night I had a date with GrandHunk #3 ...
he's a sweet kid to give up a Friday night to go 
with his Grandma to a movie & sushi.
Of course being on restriction might have something to do with it?
Regardless, he really is that sweet & we do make an odd couple.
One of us is 5'2-1/2" & the other is 6'3-1/2" ...
one of us has size 8-1/2 shoe & one has size 14.
One of us is 16 and one of us isn't.
You get the idea.

We went to see A Dog's Purpose. (trailer here)
I don't care for sappy movies made to make you cry.
But we both liked this & one of us cried.

This weekend I am in a two day workshop, 9 - 5PM. 
I will save today's artwork for Monday's blog ...
but I will share my lunch ...

All the local eateries were slammed, so I splurged ...
& went to Chapter One ...

And I did indeed order the scotch egg!


top as presented, below after 1 bite

This & hot tea, made a perfect lunch.
And, I ordered dessert!

 as presented

Fried Strawberry Cheesecake: pastry dough, 
caramel cream, macerated strawberries,
strawberry coulis & brown butter crumble.

after two bites ...

I blame this on WonderWoman.
She is always telling me to splurge.
Of course she is always telling me to walk too!

A smile for Sunday ...


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