Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day 1659: Let there be music?

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Way back before I started this silly daily blog ...
1659 days ago on Friday, July 20, 2012 (here),
I followed Sherry Goodloe & her great  blog, Got Art 4U.
A wonderful artist & person, she is currently too busy to blog.
Sherry is off gallivanting the world, house & pet-sitting 
as she explores this world &
all it has to offer.

Sherry, collage by me,  on 12 x 12" canvas

So, back then, Sherry had a soundtrack on her blog.
I don't know how or why they took away that capability?
 I would put her blog on & just let it run because 
we both liked the same music, I miss that!

Anyway, I just discovered that I can put a link to music 
for you to choose to hear or not. Just click today's music pick:
then you can click & return to this blog tab ...
 & listen while you look at the rest of the post.
Today it's Chet Faker with "No Diggity".
It just seemed a good one for today?
What do you think?

Sherry has a birthday today, February 9th, so ...


wherever you are!

Throwback Thursday: 1992 USA Jr. Team in
Budapest, Hungary for the World Cadet Cup.

30 USA Jr. Team members, 6 coaches. Colin Morris (16) gold medalist

A smile for Thursday ...

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