Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 1657: What I did with my rainy day.

ink brush, watercolor & collage

I usually train Mondays, but will go on Tuesday instead.
You see it's raining & I have new duck boots!

I've always wanted duck boots, and when WW & I 
went shopping (here) she talked me into splurging.
Okay, she didn't have to work too hard.
Weather-ready, I went out in the rain to check on my lil' tree.
I've been wanting to show it to you ... I rescued him. 

Actually he survived coming up through a tiny asphalt crack.
You've seen them right? And wonder if they will make it?
A while ago I eased him up & out of the crack and 
planted him in this pot, where he seems to be just fine.
He's doubled in height, I'll keep you informed.

I have a lot of jade plants enjoying the rain,

and other succulents.

I prefer low-maintenance ...

in my plants & people.

On to Edwards Marketplace Stadium Theaters ... 
cheaper on Mondays.

Checked my parking ... I'm going to a show.
Lion, the movie some of you highly recommended.

And you were right, it was excellent.
Here's a trailer:  

I was early and had my seating choice which was ...

front row so I could look at my cool boots.

reflection in a parking lot puddle, i photo

Above is my favorite close-up of the day.
This is the way I shot it, catching the reflection at right angle.
Another fun rainy day.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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