Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 1654: Wanted: creativity and patience.

"Terry", black gesso, watercolor, acrylic & collage on Thomas Guide

Today I borrowed from here ...

With a little bit of creativity & patience, 
a household item can be art.

For Shunsuke Tani, a young biologist, who had 
spare change lying around, it became a passion.

Tani primarily uses 1 and 5 yen coins, & occasionally
foreign coins, to create stunning, gravity-defying sculptures 
that, at any moment, look like the could come tumbling down.

It takes hours of time and patience required for assembly.

630 yen worth of 1 yen coins

Tani (@thumb_tani) posts to his twitter account(via My Modern Met)
where he often shares how much time 
each sculpture took to create (usually 2 – 3 hours). 


He also adds some  humor like “I have no other skills in life, 
other than this” or “I sacrificed 2 hours of my life.”

Tani originally began stacking coins about 4 years ago.

Inspiration came from stacking a 10 & 1 yen coin at the time. 

Tani’s art is a testament to the fact that 
even the simple & ordinary can be honed to perfection.
Thanks again to Shunsuke Tani and...

A smile for Saturday ...

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