Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 1678: The day after ...

beachtime, photo, collage & digital

The day after the big tournament, 
when everyone is weary ... we go to day class!

A very long time ago, Demura Sensei once told our class
when talking about tournaments & competition ...
"the real champions are in class the next day."
That stayed with us, and so we show up. 
Many had to leave for destinations all over the globe,
some were still here to get in training before heading home.

Canada & Demura Sensei

England & Demura Sensei

Venezuela & Demura Sensei

Germany & Demura Sensei

Florida & Demura Sensei

Kansas & Demura Sensei

Ohio & Demura Sensei

Indiana & Demura Sensei

North Carolina & Demura Sensei

New York & Demura Sensei

CA Hombu Dojo & Demura Sensei

A great class, thank you Demura Sensei!

59 degrees, rainy, Santa Ana, CA

2:30 PM 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA

One of Sunday's special guests at Demura Sensei's tournament  
was Lyoto Machida, famous Brazilian Shoto-kan competitor.

Lyoto Machida, Chris Ford, Chinzo Machida, photo by Mei Ping Okumura

Lyoto Machida, photo by Thanh Nguyen
Bob Cherone & Lyoto Machida

                   I am a big fan.

I think the tournament directors might have known, and 
assigned me to ring 6 at the far end of the event center. 
Knowing I wouldn't be able to bother Mr. Machida.

A smile for Tuesday ...

THAT feeling ...

Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 1677: If you'd been there ...

Mini, ink, watercolor & collage journal entry

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Sunday was Demura Sensei's 46th Annual Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai
International Goodwill Karate Tournament.
If you were there you would have seen ...

setting up, pre-competition

six competition rings spread out the length of the event center,
each equipped with scorecards, flags & rosters...

Award medals ...

The head table, & tournament directors.

Directors,  Edgar Albanian & David Hines, Roy Center not pictured

and our real super heroes, the charting group that makes
sense out of hundreds of entry forms in 100 events.

The taiko demonstration ...

Chris Maxwell, Taiko director

A batto demonstration ...

Choji Sato Sensei, from Japan, demonstrating cutting with a live blade

And special guests ...

Kelly, anthem soloist, Bob, announcer & Demura Sensei with Nisei Queen & Princesses

And before the 70 referees got busy, I got some pics ...

Mark (l) welcomes CANADA in the house!

Before referees march in, rule clarification & directions ...

Our star photographer ...


Black belt men's kata & kumite winners ... 

 I got a bunch of hugs from the cutest kids ever...

Costa Mesa Dojo juniors (photo by Jennifer Moss)

A successful day in so many ways ...

Thank you Demura Sensei.

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 1676:How about a story?

moto, ink, gesso, collage & digital

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Today ...

How about a Demura Sensei story?

Maybe my favorite ...
when Demura Sensei first came to the US, mid 60's
with Mr. Dan Ivan ... he spoke little English. 
He taught at the old Santa Ana dojo on Flower Street.
Some of the guys took him to Knott's Berry Farm.

A ride on the Ghost Town & Calico Railroad was 
meant to give passengers a taste of the Old West.
Demura Sensei had seen westerns only on tv in Japan.
So when the robbers came through the train ...

the story goes, Sensei saved the train.

And we all know he could do it.

Great story?

A smile for Sunday ...