Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 1645: A sort of magic in not knowing you can't.

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I came across this picture yesterday 
for Throwback Thursday, me at 19.


I had been selected as member of Mademoiselle's College Board.
Mademoiselle was a fashion magazine published 
from 1935 through 2001. 
 I entered in my freshman year and was accepted.

I thought about this for quite a while today, 
trying to conceive my mind set at that time
and the bravery to even apply.
As I got older I began to realize odds & limitations etc.
But, there is a sort of magic in not knowing that you can't.

. . .

But, because I was selected ... 
during the summer before my Sophomore year 
Mademoiselle Magazine sent me to Bullock's Wiltshire 

where I was outfitted with my official college board uniform. 
The striped v-neck sweater & a skirt that I thought was divine.
Then to the George Masters for a hair styling. 

He was famous & even looked like a movie star.
He asked what I wanted & seemed pleased that I left it to him.
Next they took the photo (below) & then I was official.

. . .

Neither Diane or I were selected for a guest editorship.
But I was hired by Ball Stores and Seventeen Magazine,


which provided great college jobs & experience.

. . .

What about you? Were you braver earlier than now?
Just wondering?

58 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Flashback Thursday ...

age 19, Mademoiselle College Board Member

Commercial for an upcoming class ...

This is a day class in beautiful Old Town Torrance ...
a beautiful place to visit, join us if you can?
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Destination Art, 1815 W. 213th Street, #135, Torrance, CA 90501
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A smile for Thursday ...

(hidden treasure?)

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