Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 1643: 5 old things, besides me.

if you say so, ink, china marker, watercolor & collage journal page

I am apologizing for less than 100% lately.
My silly blog has always been "if-y" & random,
but since January 9th I have been semi-hibernating.
Antibiotics & I don't get along well and my Doctor
made me promise to take the entire prescription!
 I took the last yesterday & knew today would be better.

. . . 

So ... 5 old thing around here, besides me.
I think they're cool, 
and thought you might like them too? 


My Grandma at age 18, my Mom's Mom.
She had ten children at home on the farm.
Five girls, five boys, seven lived.
  Grandma died when I was very little, 
I can just barely remember her, tiny with white hair.

. . .


Aunt Martha's desk bell.
She originally taught in a rural one room school.
I bet this bell was well used.

. . . 



An old, rusted steel child's shoe last ...
re-purposed to hold a match box.
. . . 


Aunt Vonda's bible.
Dated August 30, 1961.
Inside the pages are soft from use, and there are the 
dates of the twelve years she read the entire bible.
Notes, mementos, favorite passages underlined.
A treasure.
. . . 


Not as old, but definitely well worn.
My leather couch is a hand me down from
WonderWoman and Superman.
When the Grandhunks were little they ran & jumped there.
You can almost see the dents from their knees.
Lumpy but precious to me.

. . . 

TMI? What do you think?

59 degrees, cloudy & rain, Santa Ana, CA

Can't begin to express how great it is to be back in class. 
Two weeks was the longest time off, ever.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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