Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 1631: Dead lady walking!

"OH", a junk mail collage for Heidi

It happened. I had to cancel tomorrow's class.
Dead lady walking. Coughing up a lung & a UTI, TMI?
I complained to WonderWoman that I have never cancelled 
a class in my 75 years ... looking for a bit of sympathy. 
She replied, you're lucky you're still teaching.
Sort of puts thing in perspective.

I was afraid I would have to use my "dog & blanket" again,
but lucky for me, Heidi to the rescue.
I received these beautiful photos from artist/friend Heidi,
all the way from Austria. She said I could share.

Heidi said "Yesterday was a wonderful winter day. Bright sunshine in the afternoon and snow (about 3 inch). The temperatures were sub zero and the wind was rather chilly. But we took a walk in the wonderful winter landscape. I love the landscape with the soft hills and the many small woods in it."

"Yesterday two pictures I took so you have an impression what it looks like here in my surroundings.The farmer's house in the second pic is very typical. The house is built around an inner courtyard. And as you can see everything is small here."

Saved with beauty from across the globe!

Danke Heidi!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

                  Demura Sensei's Costa Mesa Dojo Orange County Fair Demo Team, July 2004 


A smile for Wednesday ...

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