Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 1626: I gotta code!

"showgirl", ink drawing, watercolor & collage on journal page

I fought it, I gargled salt water two days in a row ...
but yesterday the "code" won.
I came home from teaching the collage class, unloaded
then took a 2 hour nap & when I woke up it was in charge.

WonderWoman called, then sent GH#2 to the rescue
with a variety of cold remedies.
One was Nutribiotic Vegan GSE concentrate ...

touted as miracle stuff, 10 drops, 3 times a day.
I did & brought up more than you want to know about.
Also Alka Seltzer day & night, Robitussin for cough.
But I haven't used them, yet. 

I told WW & the GH's that 100 years ago
when I was at the University, if I had the start of a cold ...
I had 2 sure-fire remedies that worked.
I walked to the health center & voluntarily got my throat painted!
Some vile iodine-ish liquid that was swabbed inside my throat.
Then I would go to the University indoor pool & swim.
It always worked for me. 
They have long since discontinued the throat painting.
WW & the GH's thought it all barbaric & dumb?
Anyone out there ever heard of, or done either? 
I need some back up here.

Another remedy, a previously scheduled hair cut.
Hairdresser Lee is in Corona Del Mar (62 degrees) ...

(it's in the distance, but it's there, clouds blocking Catalina)

so a Pacific Check for Lynn in Colorado.

A smile for Saturday ...

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