Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 1624: I thank you Rose!

"1234567", ink, watercolor, sewing pattern, junk mail collage journal page

A beautiful surprise in the mail today ...

enclosed in a clear envelope for mailing ...

front, by Rose V.

I so love stitchery and all that it adds.
I would buy a machine but it would have to 
come with an elf to thread needles & bobbins.

back, by Rose V.

An envelope enclosed.

Note how Rose made a collage flap to hold the envelope.

And such a sweet thank you note on top of all that!
I thank you Rose!

65 degrees, Santa Ana, CA 

For FB Throwback Thursday

Seiza, Kangeiko

* Kangeiko 2017 
will be this coming Sunday, January 8, 2017 - 5:30 AM
Huntington Beach, CA

A smile for Thursday ...

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