Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 1620: A new year, 2017!

"A new year", photos & digital collage

Always struggling for a post to start off the new year.
So I looked at past posts & had to smile at 2013 here.
Times sure change in four years.

A few people asked about my work area, 
so I took a few pics of just the immediate desk area ...
I aim to please. Requests always welcome.

look close, you may be there?

This wall may change soon ...

as it's one of my new year's hopes ...

 to take down and re-access what needs to be there ...
a sort of changing of the guard?

There's more, but I am editing.

I can't function without my desk calendar.

Yes, I know I have a calendar on my phone & computer, but ...

this one I live by. That's why ...
my only trip out Saturday was to get a new one for 2017.
My New Year's Eve celebration, so to speak.

Soon to be filled with stuff & things yet unknown.

Weather update:
Saturday was gray skies, some rain & more to come.

view looking up in my side yard.

Rain 's great! I love it.
We are clearing it our for Monday's Rose Parade 
which always seems so perfect 
that we lure still more to our crowded SoCal!

Wishing you, you family & friends ...

the happiest, healthiest, best-est  2017!

2 smiles for Sunday ...

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