Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 1732: I read a book and a few other thoughts on earth day!

Juarez 2004, collage, old photos & digital

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Today, on earth day 2017, I read a book.

I've been thinking of having a dedicated non-tech day.
Once a week seems like a great idea, but will I?
I don't have too many unscheduled days.
Today was open, no plans. A sloth day.
Yes, a real book. Cover to cover.
What a concept.

Stretching the marathon reading muscles. 
They've atrophied a bit, but still work.
Is the print smaller?

You know what got me yearning to read?
A friend sent me a link to his daughter's essay here.
The beauty of her words & thoughts charmed me.
She had signed her work Anonymous, but I said 
I thought it was too good not be by Amy Turner!

It was like revisiting something that you 
have been missing, but not realized.
I used to read a lot.

 I would often copy special phrases into a journal, 
always crediting the author & book.
Re-reading later & remembering what touched me.
So yesterday, I wrote down three passages by Amy Turner.

My 3 gorgeous teenage Grandhunks hate to read.
I tell them, they are stabbing me in the heart!
I tried my best, but to no avail. A sign of the times?
I feel so sorry for their loss.
Does it thrill you to read how talented people 
can & do put words together in a magical way? 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend 
& I thank you so much for stopping by.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 1731: What is a dojo?

Joe, collage, old photo & digital

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Dojo (道場 ) a Japanese term, means "place of the way". 
Hombu dōjō is the central training facility 
& headquarters of a particular martial arts style.
In this case, Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai Karate-Do. 

1429 N. Bristol St., SA 92706

For fifty + years the humble building above was our hombu dojo.

The City of Santa Ana took the property through 
eminent domain & we moved to a temporary dojo.


1221 E. 17th Street, Santa Ana 92701

 Meanwhile, Demura Sensei & devoted students 
hunted for a permanent, forever hombu dojo.

Demura Sensei & students are already at work ...

Demura Sensei with "hammer" weapon ... (photo by Bob Cherone)

(photo by Bob Cherone)

wax on ... (photo by Bob Cherone)

(photo by Bob Cherone)

(photo by Bob Cherone)

dojo rear parking lot  (photo by Bob Cherone)

848 N. Parton Street, Santa Ana 92701 (photo by Bob Cherone)

Special thanks to Designer, Senpai Dave Hines,
Senpai Bob Cherone, of Primo Construction 
for heading the construction & work details, and ...
 all the dojo family volunteers who work to make it happen.


A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 1730: with an emphasis on fun.

1 minute graphite sketch on  journal page

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Third class of four in the series ...

THURSDAYS | APRIL 6, 13, 20 & 17, 2017 | 10AM - 1PM
During this fun series play with different materials each class. 
Play with ink, markers, acrylic paint, pencils, collage and more. 
In each class learn new & different techniques with journal & supplies included.
REGISTRATION: $45  Ages 18+. Skill Level: All, so sign up today!

 at ...

A class about playing, experimenting with
papers. mediums and techniques & an emphasis on fun.

by Karen

acrylic spreads

by Peggy


by Valerie    

by Peggy

by Karen
by Betty

by Peggy

by Amanda

by Peggy

by Susan

by Peggy

One class left, next Thursday, April 27th!
Want to come play?

A smile for Friday ...