Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day 1619: 11 miles an hour on the 91!

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Grandma duty is fun.
SM & WW were in SD watching GH#2 OLU V-BB game. 
GH#1 was at work, delivering pizzas.
(SM=Superman, WW= WonderWoman, SD=San Diego, GH=Grandhunk, OLU= Orange Lutheran HS, V=Varsity, BB= Basketball)

This was GH#3 & my view as we left home at 4:40PM ...

to get on the 91 freeway along with half of Orange County,
on our way to a basketball tournament at Mater Dei HS.
During this stretch we were going 11 mph.
GH#3 had headphones on, so was oblivious to the traffic.
I was getting my excuse ready in case 
we didn't make the 5:15 PM arrival requirement.
GH#3 would tell the coach, his Grandma only drove @11 mph!

We made it at 5:00 PM so no storytelling necessary.
Spectator admission was $10 and $5 for children 12 & under.
I asked if there wasn't a senior rate?
The young man said he didn't see a senior. Awww.
I said if he added my 7 & 5, it would be 12 the cutoff for child.
He smiled and gave me $5 change from my $10. 
Worth a try?

 OLU 70 - St. John Bosco 41.
I can't explain how much I enjoy 
watching the Grandhunks play, win or not.
If that was how I would spend the rest of my days,
I'd die very happy. 
The 91 freeway ... not so much!

Postscript: If you read yesterday's Day 1618 here ...
you'll know the relevance of this smile ...
Thanks Patrick!

 Only I would title this "WonderWoman's Mom!"
WW's not there yet.

A smile for Saturday ...

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