Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day 1616: finding myself scatter-brained ...

"aging model", ink, watercolor & junk collage postcard

I am finding myself scatter-brained, 
uncomfortable, out of my normal routine & 
unsure how to use this unusual block of time. 
I posted this on FB yesterday & many seemed to identify?

A cool 59 degrees here in SoCal, okay, cool for here.
The skies are a cloudless gorgeous blue, after winds & rain.
Snow on the San Gabriel Mountains.

Anaheim Hills Reservoir 12-25-2016

Skiing up at Mammoth & even locally @ Big Bear.
I made a P.O. run this morning & noticed a quiet,
like an after math of the earlier Christmas rush?
People leisurely walking, biking, taking their time.
Of course I didn't go to Fashion Island or the malls!

 I'll get back in gear soon. Pretty soon.

Scrounged up a little twinge of energy, 
and I eked out a step by step postcard ...

step 1 & 2 (ink & watercolor)

As usual, the face is "wonky"!

step 3

But I just keep on playing ...

step 4

this time with security envelope linings ...

step 5

the hair is done, so another envelope lining and ...

step 6

done & fun.
Keeps me off the streets.
What are you up to? I need to hear!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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