Monday, December 26, 2016

Day 1614: Neck of the Woods Perfect!

"DustyMiller", i photo

What did Christmas look like in "your neck of the woods"?
Here's what I saw in mine.

Grandhunks 1,2 &3, WonderWoman & Superman

Appropriate T's

Hosted by Lauren, Jimmy, Maddie & Logan.

13 of us enjoyed being together.

Have you seen this game?

Lots of laughs ...

and whipped cream!


After a delicious breakfast, gifts & games we took a walk.

Christmas morning, 59 degrees, Anaheim Hills Reservoir.
Snow-covered Mt. Baldy & Big Bear Mountains in background.

10/13 of us.

Followed by an afternoon nap & multiple basketball games.

Superman & WonderWoman finished the day 
at the Staples Center seeing their Laker team win.

So many blessings.
Thank you Lord.

A Christmas surprise arrived in the mail yesterday!
I opened it Christmas morning.

From Lynn, a talented Colorado artist, see here.
She is also thoughtful & kind.

Lynn knows I am a Jane Davies fan.

notebook cover artwork by Jane Davies

Sometimes I do a "Pacific Check" photo for Lynn,
who misses it & I let her know it's still here.
So when I found this, of course I thought of Lynn!

A smile for Monday ...

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