Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 1613: Merry Christmas!

"McStar", junk mail collage

Another year older and maybe wiser?
Older, for sure. Wiser? Maybe. 
I find my Christmas list shorter ...
my patience stronger ...
my love deeper ...
my gratitude endless ...
and the presents previously desired ...
have turned into 
wishes that can't be bought.

I am hoping this Christmas Day finds you ...
surrounded by the best gifts of all ...
love and warmth from your family & friends

A quick step-by-step?
I had a few generic Christmas cards, like this ... 



so I decided to re-do one with collage.
I even made a label (above left).

step 3,4 &5
step 1 & 2

Dictionary page, wrapping paper, junk mail & tissue, oh my.


step 6 (done)

and the envelope? Why not?

finished envelope & card

Keeps me off the streets!

The Akita Swinger!
Wishing you this much joy & happiness
today and all through the coming year.

A smile for Sunday ...

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