Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 1610: We crazies have to stick together!

Sometimes my next blog comes from a reply to a previous blog.
This morning, Lynn from Colorado made a kind comment, 
and I responded with "we crazies have to stick together"!
A light-bulb moment & I added, 
"Oh ...  doesn't that sounds like a blog title?"

So ...  that made me think of Lucie!
Lucie is not crazy, but she is terrific!

Lucie Pauline at 8, she is now 9.

From very early on her Grandma, my cousin Donna,
a retired master elementary teacher mentioned 
Lucie's uniqueness to me.
"She just sees things so differently."
I think she knew this was "right up my alley."

Meeting Lucie in person I saw a bubbling, 
confident, inquisitive, intelligent & very creative soul.

First day of school, 2016

She is blessed with creative parents who ...
recognize her talents & support them.
In my opinion, she is so far ahead of the norm,
and because of her support system, 
it is really going to be amazing to watch this young lady.

Look out world, here comes Lucie Pauline!

Oh, and there's her big sister Masin ...

December 2016

talented scholar, golfer & musician ...
but that's another blog?

61 degrees & rainy! Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Denura Sensei's 25th Anniversary Banquet 1990, Yuji Okumoto

A smile for Thursday ...

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