Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 1609: What's wrong with this picture?

"Jack", i-photo & digital collage

What's wrong with this picture?

A UFO landed maybe?

This is my view from my studio, looking out.
(dirty windows & i-phone reflection & all!)

A market umbrella weighted down with brass Soleri bells,
blown over in our recent heavy winds. Surprise!

But when I went out to tackle the problem ...
I fell in love with the close ups!

Can you picture me smiling as I took these?

I removed the bells to finally get the umbrella & stand upright.
I re-added my bells & when I turned around ...
 the umbrella fell again!

I removed all bells again, wrestled the umbrella up again.

This is looking straight up!
The bells now hang from trees & I'm hoping 
that my umbrella-wrestling days are over?
Did you notice the holiday color scheme?

. . .

* WonderWoman says I make blogs out of 
the strangest things & today I have to agree.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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