Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 1608: Teenagers, Moms, Fred & Jax!

"Carol", ink, watercolor & junk mail collage postcard

Last class for 2016. 
A private group at beautiful Rainmaker Ranch.
Another small art class that ended up being postcards.

A few quick demo's & then it was playtime! 

almost the whole crew, photo by Lisa

Ashlynn & Paige

 I apologize that I only photographed half of the girls,
and none of the Moms!
That will be a NEW Years Resolution for me for 2017.

Bella & Ashley

Organized mayhem, ink,watercolor & collage.

top row by Julia; bottom row by Chloe
Teenagers & a few Moms played.

by Lisa

by Lisa

by Lisa

by Lisa

And was that a big bunny upstairs, joining Fred in the art studio?

Yes indeed! Jax, a very artistic bunny.

* Sidetrack:

A platitudinarian? Maybe. Today's "A.Word.A.Day" with Anu Garg caught my eye. 

I ♥ words & they kindly e-mail me one a day.  Sometimes I know it.  It's always interesting.

PRONUNCIATION: (plat-i-tood-n-AR-ee-uhn, -tyood-)  

 MEANING: noun: One who utters platitudes or trite remarks.


The other day, I saw this sign in front of a store. It’s supposed to read “Seattle Lighting”. It was ironic that a lighting store had its lights burned out, but it prompted another thought. What words are there that form another word when one letter is burned out, say an initial? The word “there” does it particularly well: there ⇨ here ⇨ ere ⇨ re. But there’s no there there -- we want more interesting words.

This week we’ll look at five unusual words, each of which yields another unusual word when its first letter goes dark. Think of these words as holiday lighting that still glows even when one of its bulbs goes out. AG

A smile for Tuesday ...

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